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Bridging the tech opportunity gap with a specialized curriculum in computer programming for building automation controls.



/staks/ plural noun: 1 : A combination of software products and programming languages used to create an application or to achieve an outcome. 2 : A single stack is one thousand dollars; the plural refers to multiple thousands in terms of dollars.


/jools/ plural noun: 1 : A unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere is passed through a resistance of one ohm for one second. 2 : slang [See: jewel <pl.>] A precious stone, gem; someone who is treasured and esteemed. 



Founded on the premise that any student can gain core competencies in computer networks and programming when

fueled by their creative passions, Stacks & Joules emphasizes the following approaches:

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By connecting with the creative passion of students, Stacks + Joules succeeds in enticing youth to learn highly specialized, financially lucrative, and immediately employable skills. 

Each lesson launches with hands-on activities, complete with instantly gratifying results, constructive feedback and positive reinforcement. By learning to program banks of wireless LEDs, students gain a deep understanding of the fundamentals of computerized building automation systems. The capstone project, writing code to synchronize the bulbs to music ensures that each student masters the skills necessary for career success in building automation. What seems like a game is actually building critical capabilities needed to optimize the complex lighting and HVAC systems that are integral to modern buildings.




Stacks + Joules connects educational experts with prominent industry professionals to provide rigorous yet accessible specialized training for both students and teachers.

Founding educator J. Michael Conway brings over 20 years of experience as a teacher/leader, dedicated to making high school mathematics and other complex learning accessible to students who have not yet had the opportunity for success. As a faculty coach, he has supported schools and teachers from across the country with implementing project-based learning and other innovative yet proven student-centered learning strategies.

Energy efficiency expertise is provided by the Boston-based engineering firm Towards 50. Towards 50’s engineers bring over 26 years of hands-on experience in aggressive energy efficiency optimization. Towards 50 strives to advance building energy efficiency by 50 percent.





Stacks+Joules connects youth with well-paying, meaningful jobs that elevate students towards certifications, degrees, and life-long advancement.

Our training enables placement in paid internships with local building automation employers. Stacks+Joules stands by students, mentoring them during internships and supporting them in securing full-time employment. Close industry collaboration facilitates further education to meet the needs of employers and develop skills integral to career success.

We leverage relationships with vocational programs, community colleges, and universities to empower students to develop plans for furthering their education and training. A high-paying job as a building automation system specialist is the first solid rung on a far-reaching career ladder.


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