About Us


Stacks+Joules is a nonprofit project-based learning program in computer programming and wireless network management. Our specialized curriculum engages young peoples’ creativity to supercharge their strengths as learners and get them on the fast-track to valuable technology skills—regardless of prior experience or training.


 Who We Serve

According to the Department of Labor Statistics 32% of students who earn a high school diploma are not prepared for college or a career. That’s a vast talent pool of over five million young Americans—including many individuals from low-income families, people of color and recent immigrants in urban areas.

We believe these workers’ brilliance and enthusiasm is an untapped resource in the race to find technological solutions to the complex social, economic and environmental problems of our time. Our program demonstrates that, with the right approach, every student has an important role to play in our shared future.


Future-Proof: Coding + Internet of Things Opportunities


Getting a Head Start on Post-Secondary Accomplishment:

Experts agree that "Post-secondary accomplishment"—specialized certifications, associate's and bachelor's degrees earned after high school—is the key to breaking through to higher-wages, greater stability and better opportunities. Stacks+Joules can get students started, even before they graduate.


The proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) technology means that coding is now a vital skill set across many industries, especially outside the typical tech and finance hotbeds. In instances where training has not kept pace with innovation, entry level workers with specialized training can progress to advanced opportunities and compensation faster than ever before.


Careers in Build Automation + Energy Management Systems

In our program, students gain mastery of rigorous technical skills and concepts vital to jobs in commercial energy efficiency. The arc to permanent employment, on-the-job training and benefits like tuition assistance is remarkably short in this industry due to exceptional demand for qualified talent. Stacks+Joules also provides on-going support for graduates with internship and job placement. Once they're in the industry, we facilitate career development guidance and mentorship from established building automation professionals.


Building Automation + Energy Management At a Glance

·      US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a 21% rise in jobs in this sector through 2022.

·      80% of employers report difficulty finding qualified job applicants, over 40% find it “very difficult”

·      Salaries begin at $40-$50,000 and can climb to $70- $80,000 quickly


 +  a Huge, life-long Environmental Benefit

Perhaps most importantly, building automation jobs empower individuals from the urban areas most likely to be the first to experience the effects of carbon pollution and global warming to do something about it. According to the 2015 Deloitte Millennials Survey, finding that kind of purpose in work is particularly important to today’s young people.

The potential environmental benefit of building automation technology is staggering. A recent Department of Energy study of 50 buildings in downtown Boston found that more than half were under-performing due to misconfigured building automation controls. Buildings like these heat and cool spaces at the same time, and ventilation fans and lighting systems operate independent of occupancy schedules.

According to another assessment conducted by the Department of Energy, taking basic steps to improve operational systems within offices, schools, and commercial structures could decrease U.S. energy consumption so dramatically that it would equate to 12 to 15 million Americans stopping their energy use altogether.

That's millions of metric tons of carbon emissions eliminated annually at zero cost. The systems and technology are already in place, there is no need for additional expensive equipment or infrastructure. The only thing missing is the human element.

Our students are all that, and more.