Visit to the South End Tech Center


Boston MA October 4th, 2017 - The Stacks+Joules team visited the South End Tech Center @ Tent City and met with program director Dr. Susan Klimczak. South End Tech Center has been in operation since 2002 with their Teach 2 Learn Learn 2 Teach program at the core of their mission. Introducing area teens to technologies such as electronics, mechanical engineering, alternative energies, programming, VR, and IoT. The teens then master these technologies and teach the community through free summer STEM camps.


Dr. Susan has an excitement and curiosity for technology that is irresistible. A lifelong technologist she fully embraces hardware tinkering and the maker culture. Touring through their workspace you could see that passion on display throughout.

Every Thursday from 4:30 pm - 8:30 pm they hold Open Workshop and invite the public in to share in their technological explorations. Mike and Jon from the Stacks+Joules crew will be in the house this Thursday - so if you are in the Boston area and have a penchant for making come on down!

Jonathan Spooner