DCAMM x Mass General Hospital

Boston Mass - August 22nd 2017 - As the temperature soared over 95 degrees the last gasp of summer heated up Boston, the building control team at Massachusetts General Hospital know they need to keep their award winning doctors and patients comfortable and safe.

The Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance aka DCAMM x Stacks + Joules crew visited with Tim Carey and Michael Williams from BCM Controls, the engineers who designed and manage the hospital's air handling systems.

We met with Tim and Michael in the Building Control Training room where we talked thru the blueprints of the hospital's air handling system. The engineers were both very impressed that the students were able to understand this massive and complex system. The same concepts the Stacks + Joules cohort had learned in class to control LED lights were directly mirrored in controlling the VAV boxes and other air handling components.

As the tour continued we went upstairs to the enormous Air Handling Unit (AHU) and got to see it all in action. Reviewing the system blueprints didn't prepare us for the massive scale of the AHU! The air intake was the size of a studio apartment and the cooling pipes were big enough to be a water slide. Tim and Michael pointed out each of the physical devices we had reviewed down in the Training Center, bringing the whole system to life.

A huge shout out and thanks to Tim and Michael from BCM for taking the time out of managing this massive system to meet with the Stacks + Joules x DCAMM crew. 

Jonathan Spooner