Program Details

Focus 1 Curriculum

Control Knowledge (“What you learn”)

  • Working knowledge of computerized building automation controls
  • Classroom training on HVAC fundamentals
  • Strong analytic skills
  • Ability to navigate graphical user interfaces for Johnson Controls, Siemens and Distech building automation systems
  • Ability to use temperature and relative humidity meters, data loggers, electrical volt and amp meters
  • Interest in strengthening industry knowledge through participation in educational opportunities & skills development classes

Internship Tasks & Competencies (“What you do”)

  • Monitors building automation systems to ensure that commercial working environments are within specified ranges and control systems are functioning properly
  • Performs system checks, monitors and responds appropriately to alarms
  • Observes system deviations and works with facilities staff to correct or resolve discrepancies
  • Ability to complete point to point checks
  • Assists with calibrating temperature, velocity and humidity sensors
  • Assists with network validation

Focus 2 Curriculum

Control Knowledge (“What you learn”)

  • Demonstrate knowledge of electronics, direct digital controls, pneumatic controls, HVAC systems
  • Working knowledge of commissioning, diagnosing, and repair of building automation systems
  • Training and experience writing software code for building automation systems
  • Ability to document code, identify problems with control routines and draft upgrades as needed
  • Proficient knowledge of BACnet

Internship Tasks & Competencies (“What you do”)

  • Under supervision, performs commissioning and start-up of HVAC and building systems
  • Assists in creating or revising operator-interface graphics
  • Maintains site back-ups and documentation
  • Properly documents changes to the programs and graphic on BAS systems
  • Provide quality control checks of all work to eliminate mistakes, ensure proper control and to provide proper building conditions for the client
  • Assists in tuning existing PID loop controllers, and develops and implements control schemes and control techniques

General Skills Curriculum

Customer Orientation

  • Strong customer orientation including the ability to manage expectations and satisfy customers
  • Maintain customer relations by resolving concerns and answering questions
  • Demonstrated effective communication skills including the ability to keep others informed
  • Deliver technical support and training as required by end users and building staff

Basic Computer competency

  • Knowledge of computers, various operating systems and latest software
  • Working knowledge of MS Office software products
  • Working knowledge of at least one graphical software platform

Programming and Networks

  • Knowledge of HVAC network systems, including fiber optic networks and building communication networks
  • Experience loading and configuring software
  • Supports and appropriately uses standard software libraries
  • Understanding of sequences of operation and the development of logic to meet those sequences
  • Experience with understanding software code and troubleshooting control system programs

Accountability & Reliability

  • Ability to work in a team environment while taking responsibility for individual tasks
  • Able to get along well with others while working under pressure
  • Ability to both work independently and collaborate as a member of a team

Safety Focused

  • Maintains safe and secure work environment by following safe practices
  • Follows all appropriate laws, Company policies and procedures