Stacks+Joules at UA Maker in NYC


We are excited to announce the launch of Stacks+Joules NYC with our first cohort in the Big Apple in Lower Manhattan at the UA Maker school. This class comes to us with the most computer programming experience of any of our cohorts and a real interest in the field of automation. We are so excited to work with these extremely talented students.


The UA Maker high school is located in Lower Manhattan and exists to create problem solvers and design thinkers who will be equipped to be successful digital citizens.


“This partnership between UA Maker and Stacks+Joules is fulfilling the promise we made to students four and a half years ago. Close alignment of industry partners and schools helps create opportunities for students to experience professional working atmosphere and learn the technical skills that many employers are not able to find from current college graduates.”
- Luke Bauer,
  Principal UA Maker

With the fomenting fanfare around our NYC launch we consider ourselves lucky to work with the NYC-based team behind RAB Lighting. RAB is one of the leading independent Building Automation platforms and manufacturer of smart lamps.

“The students had great questions; it’s clear they’re truly interested. Glad we’re able to work together. I look forward to seeing the progression of the class…”
- Davis Rothenberg
Product Manager RAB


This May 8th from 7pm-9pm in New York’s trendy Tribeca neighborhood come see the Stacks+Joules NYC class perform their wireless LED light show and demonstrate their knowledge of a cloud based building automation platform. This fundraising event will be to celebrate the accomplishments of all of the UA Maker students and will have Stacks+Joules students on hand to meet, greet and demonstrate their skills.

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Jonathan SpoonerUA Maker